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Cheap rustic decor that feels right

cheap rustic decor

I think we can admit that, when we are thinking about re-decorating our homes, we go down the rabbit hole. We start checking out tons of pictures, blogs, articles, online stores, youtube videos, you name it. And while these are great sources for ideas inspiration, when we add them all up they tend to get a little too pricey. I know that because I’ve been there. And while I am not exactly broke, my lifestyle is pretty comfortable, giving up multiple hundreds of $ just doesn’t feel like a prudent choice. This is why I started getting creative and built my own cheap rustic decor, which is more unique, affordable and personal than any other bought piece out there.


Now, I am want to clarify something. Not everything can be built for pennies always. Even if you are crafty and creative, you are going to have to cover some expenses when it comes to materials, tools (occasionally) and, more frequently, failures! Yes, failures. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, you will mess up, you will build something that falls apart, or just doesn’t look the way you imagined. With that being said, that will rarely happen and you should not be discouraged from actually trying. You will find out that the work pays off, both aesthetically & financially.


Examples of cheap rustic decor that looks great

Alright, now that you are interested in saving money while transforming your home into an amazing, cosy rustic place, I am going to offer a simple example. Now, because work is pilling up right now, I will be posting more in depth, easy to follow, simple to build guides about different projects in the future. However, as of right now I just want to give you an idea of what you can build for cheap, without being gouged by major retailers or boutique furniture stores. This is a small little project I built recently, with just a few hours of careless manual labor & a small dash of creativity. Also, they almost cost nothing and it received multiple compliments and attention by many of my friends. And I really like it, which is the most important part. Let me show you.


Beautiful cheap rustic decor example

Now, I am a huge vintage car & bike guy, so I find classic americana style gas station signs irresistible. However, if any of you have ever looked into getting your hands on a beautiful sign that really makes your space stands out, you will find that they tend to get expensive. See what I mean?

shell gasoline vintage sign

So, in order to not spend one months rent on a Pennzoil tin sign, I decided to build one myself.


One of the best things about crafting your own decor, is that you get to make it exactly the way your want.
You are not limited at all, and if you can think it, you can have it. For example, I surfed the web for a few minutes until a vintage Shell Gasoline sign caught my eye.


After that, I thought “How can I make it even better?”. So I ended up combining the vintage aesthetic of the Shell logo with an awesome vintage style Edison-type lamp. The light bulb must have been the most expensive part of the whole project.edison style light bulb

Then, I used one of my favorite elements when it comes to rustic design, hydraulic pipe fittings. Granted, these tend to give the space a more industrial flavor, but it works for me, I hope it works for you too. By threading together old hydraulic fittings by hand, I built a simple “L” shaped pipe. At the end of it, I fitted a cheap black bulb socket I got from my local hardware store.

Completing the build

Finally, I built my sign out of wood. I love wood, you might notice that. It’s such a wonderful material, easy to shape, even for beginners, doesn’t require expensive tools and looks so warm and high quality. Also, building my own sign means I can choose the size freely, without worrying about cost, since it’s pretty much the same regardless. I used pallet wood I had lying around in my little workshop garage. After free hand drawing the shape and design on the wood with a pencil, cutting the shape, and painting the sign with yellow and red paint, the sign was ready. I finished it off by screwing on the L shaped part with the bulb socket, and wired it up.

I will be posting guides on how to do all these things and much more. But right now, I want to focus on how easy it is to creating jaw dropping cheap rustic decor that looks high quality and fits your home & taste perfectly. The end result was this awesome sign you see right here that is currently hanging from the wall of my home office. Amazing!


TIP: You will notice that the build is rough, with cracks and visible imperfections. This is done on purpose, to achieve a natural, aged look. Remember what I mentioned on my post about the core elements of rustic design? I hope you like it, stay posted for more guides and updates!


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