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Coming up with amazing home decor ideas

Okay, coming up with great home decor ideas requires a fair amount of creativity. But you are in luck, we all have more than enough creativity to do this! Yes, even if you can’t come up with the most magnificent idea off the top of your head, you still have what it takes. Let me explain.


Every one of us has a very vibrant, wild imagination which is more than capable of producing a good idea when it comes to home decoration. Even the stiffest of my friends have been able to come up with great home decor ideas & completely transform the look of their homes. They did it by using the simple way I use all the time to come up with my next project. By mixing the following 4 core elements of rustic home design.


What are these 4 elements?

If you notice every beautiful, rustic home image on the internet, or even in person, you tend to be amazed by their simplistic, elegant beauty.

messy rustic decor ideas

So much so, that you think that it would be impossible to recreate the same effect in your own home.

You think to yourself “I never thought of that!”.

While it is difficult to come up with a good idea initially, by understanding the core elements that make all these places so cosy, chic, dreamy and inviting, you will soon be able to generate tons of amazing ideas. You are going to notice afterwards that you won’t only be surprising your friends and family, you will start surprising yourself.

I hope you are somewhat intrigued to learn what these 4 major elements of any good rustic home decor ideas are. They are very simple and I am delighted to share them with you.


Element #1: WOOD


This one is pretty simple, I am sure you have figured it out already. When it comes to achieving a jaw dropping rustic aesthetic, wood is your best friend. Now pay attention. You want to add as much of the wooden element as possible. Thing of it this way. You should look at everything in your house and think “Does it exist in wooden form?”. By replacing many of my household items with simple wooden counterparts, I received a sea of compliments and attention from almost all of my friends!

As a simple example, check out how cute these wooden little shot glasses are! You can skip to the end or watch the whole build video.

Tip: Wood is great no matter what, but aiming for reclaimed, aged wooden decor instead of brand new looking is the best way to give your home a real rustic look.



The perfect way to describe what I mean by this is the Japanese term wabi sabi. The imperfections we are looking for come from two different sources.wabi sabi

First are imperfections caused by production. See, when something is handmade, it is bound to have minor mistakes, errors, flaws. But these flaws are what make these household items unique, warm & beautiful. It’s almost like they have their own character. A character full of flaws, just like ours.

Second are imperfections caused by the passing of time. Time is an amazing designer. Time changes the way our items work and function.¬† This might be frustrating at times, when something breaks or loses it’s brand new-ness. But you shouldn’t worry. The marks of time make our space more inviting. More honest. It has been used, it’s not just a show piece. And we humans have a sixth sense when it comes to telling the difference.



rustic lettering


Your home is yours. And you have tons of thoughts, conundrums and ideas constantly. When your space reflects your character, your thoughts, your creativity it comes off as organic & natural. This is why chalkboards and items inscribed with natural, hand formed calligraphic lettering dominate in the space of rustic decor. Because it’s not about the pillow, or the mason jar. It’s about it’s owner.



Element #4: CHAOS

home decor ideas


Okay, this was a little too dramatic. I’ll explain. When it comes to coming up with home decor ideas that help us achieve the rustic effect we love, being a little chaotic helps. Remember, we are not aiming for an ultra modern, cold minimalistic home here, that looks like no one lives in. We are going for a warm, beautiful inviting home that gives off a natural vibe. And what’s more natural than a home where people actually live in. A place like that is bound¬† to be a little chaotic, just like our everyday lives. So if you want to come up with good home decor ideas to achieve a rustic effect, make sure you allow for a small dose of chaos. Not only it will make your space more inviting and natural, it will really ease off the stress and load of household chores.


Mix & Match

These are the four major principles that I always keep in mind when I’m designing a new room, or building a decorative piece. Now, with that being said, you can create a magnificent space without adhering religiously to all four, all the time. There are good designs that use stainless steel instead of wood. There are incredible minimal rustic homes. However, I found my four elements a reliable guide when styling any space.


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