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Hey there, welcome to the Old West Ways! A blog dedicated to rustic decor, as well as DIY ideas that will provide you with a ton of inspiration to transform your house, office, bathroom, kitchen, garage, treehouse, cell or underground nuclear bunker into a cosy, dreamy place.


Bad humor aside though, before saying anything else I should introduce myself.

My name is Alexander Green, people call me Alex, whether I like it or not (I don’t). I am an engineer by trade. Now that you are bored. let’s move on!

Why a rustic decor blog though?

Good question! Over the past decade almost, I have discovered, probably just like yourself, that I am helplessly attracted to the the rustic & vintage aesthetic. Anything from old country homes, log cabins, vintage items like old telephones, mixers, poorly hand-made wooden decorations, you name it.

On the other hand, I have become disproportionately disinterested towards modern plastic-y items that plague all of our homes, without providing any aesthetic value or character.

plastic cutting board

rustic decor cutting board











If you are thinking the same thing, stick around. I will be sharing tons of useful info to help you come up with creative ideas to change your home around. I will be giving tips and providing with inspirations to help you summon your own creativity and completely change the look of your home.


But Alex, what do you know about rustic decor?

That’s another good question, skeptic reader. And I am going to answer it right now.  Firstly, I am not crazy about reading country living magazine all day, every day. I am, however, crazy about re purposing old items and giving them new life. I have a soft spot for anything wood related, especially working with old pallets. I have worked on countless projects, transforming my own, and my closest friends’ homes. And I did it purely by using my hands, skills, simple tools and almost childish creativity. And before you ask, I will be doing tours and breakdown of my past projects soon.

To finish off..

Thank you for visiting the Old West Ways, where a young guy will be sharing with you all his tips and guides when it comes to giving your home a one-of-a-kind aesthetic! Follow me on Instagram, where I post fresh rustic home decor content all the time!




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